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Transforming a Detached House in Portsmouth: A Successful Loft Conversion and Extension Project

Chief Architectural Ltd 3D Architect CAD loft conversion and extension in Portsmouth.

Transforming a Detached House in Portsmouth: A Successful Loft Conversion and Extension Project

A Loft Conversion and Extension Project

If you are looking to add extra space to your home, a loft conversion and extension can be an excellent solution. Recently, Chief Architectural Ltd. had the opportunity to work on a project that involved adding a loft conversion and extension to a detached house in Portsmouth, UK. Here’s a brief overview of the project and how we approached it.

Designing the Loft Conversion

The loft conversion included a bedroom with an en-suite shower, a Juliet balcony, a rear elevation dormer, and a front elevation pitched roof dormer. Our team of professionals worked closely with the homeowners to design the new space to their specific requirements.

The bedroom with an en-suite shower was built to ensure optimal use of space while creating a comfortable and functional area. The Juliet balcony was designed to let in natural light and provide a stunning view of the garden. The rear elevation dormer was built to increase the floor area and create more headroom. Finally, the front elevation pitched roof dormer was designed to add a charming look to the property while providing more space inside.

Ensuring Health and Safety

During the construction of the loft conversion, our team ensured that all health and safety procedures were followed. We carried out regular inspections and made sure that the site was secure at all times. We also made sure that all work was carried out with minimal disruption to the homeowners.

Creating the Extension

The extension was designed to create an open-plan kitchen area by removing a wall, creating one large kitchen room. We also added aluminium bi-fold doors to open up the space and provide a seamless connection to the garden.

Our team of professionals designed the extension with the utmost care and attention to detail. We made sure that the design was in keeping with the existing style of the house and that the new space provided a practical and functional solution for the homeowners.

The aluminium bi-fold doors were designed to create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. They were carefully installed to ensure that they provided an unobstructed view of the garden and allowed natural light to flood into the room.

Ensuring Health and Safety

The extension was also built with the same high standards of health and safety in mind. We made sure that all work was carried out in compliance with relevant regulations, and we took every precaution to ensure that the construction site was secure at all times.

Delivering Successful Results

In conclusion, the loft conversion and extension project carried out by Chief Architectural Ltd. in Portsmouth was a great success. The new space created by the loft conversion provided the homeowners with a comfortable and functional area, while the extension added extra space to the property and created a stunning open-plan kitchen area. All work was carried out to the highest standards of health and safety, and the final result was a space that the homeowners were delighted with.

If you’re considering adding extra space to your home, contact Chief Architectural Ltd. to see how we can help. Our team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of home renovation and can provide you with the solutions you need to create the home of your dreams.

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